Author: Yasuaki Matsumoto


This artwork relates to a small village in the Tohoku region of Japan, and for the Petite Balade exhibition included projected video images and sound installation. This village retains the appearance of Japan from long ago, where an old-fashioned life and natural environment are still with us today.

The video and sound are edited polyphonically with the result that the viewer is able to view this at any time in its sequence.

There is also a small shallow bowl placed beneath the large projection screen containing water that flows through this village. The viewer is able to smell and touch the water, although its subtle scent is difficult to detect.

The videos and sounds are of the local nature and the people in this village, the artwork being an imagining of the multilayered fragrances that are encountered there, mediated by water.

The title of the work is taken from a legend that endures in this region that cherishes the spirit of a child who passed away. The local people describe this spirit as ZASHIKIWARASHI.

The spirit pronounces SEIREI in Japanese, which is why I chose this for the title of the artwork.

Yasuaki Matsumoto